Best new restaurant openings in Austin

The fast-paced restaurant and bar scene in Austin is challenging to keep track of.  Here we have included some of our latest new favourites

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches has added a fifth site to the Austin area. This one is at 1201 Barbara Jordan Boulevard #1210 in the Mueller neighborhood. Because we’ll always need more more great sandwich places this is excellent news. The menu at this sandwich chain is incredibly extensive and includes vegetarian, halal, and gluten free options. 

Two sandwiches will be available to order at this new location. The “Mueller, Mueller” is a chicken fried steak with cheddar cheese and a creamy Orange Buffalo Sauce. The “Sunny Come Home,” is a vegan version of it. On March 9, there will be a grand opening ceremony beginning at 10 am, and rewards members can get sandwiches for $7.97.


The Mueller neighborhood will soon welcome the fourth Sweetgreen establishment. The restaurant is located in the Mueller neighborhood, next to the park’s amphitheater. Sweetgreens is a popular counter service eatery for Austinites who love salad.  Leafy greens, proteins, grains, fruit are all included on the menu.  The company was founded by three college students who sought something affordable but healthy. The brand has maintained its popularity and this opening will no doubt be welcomed.  The company also pledges to become carbon neutral by 2027 and support animal welfare. 

Ramen Del Barrio

This North Austin restaurant, which opened in February, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting restaurants this year. Ramen and tacos prepared in Mexican and Japanese styles are available at Chef Christopher Krinsky’s food court kiosk. You’ll find it inside of Hana Global Market in the Scofield Farms area. He serves grilled pork skewers on maize tortillas and the mole tsukemen is magnificent.  Indoor dining spaces are available.

Ember Kitchen

Nearly every item on the menu at Ember Restaurant in Austin’s Seaholm District is cooked over live fire. A grilled stuffed mushroom chile with mole negro; a pork chop with charred peach mojo and an amberjack crudo flavored with smoky charcoal oil. The charcoal grill and oven is the star of the show here. Nayely Castillo, the executive chef, and Mara Mercedes Grubb, the consulting chef are in charge of the fire. Together, they developed the restaurant’s Latin-inspired menu. It combines the tastes of Puerto Rico, where Grubb was born, and El Paso, where Castillo grew up and founded multiple restaurants.

Bill’s Oyster

This spring, a new seafood restaurant and martini bar will debut in downtown Austin. Starting in April, Bill’s Oyster will be located at 205 West Third Street.

Fresh oysters, crudos, shellfish, caviar, salads, and a burger will all be available on the menu. Local beers, wine, and variations on martinis and other traditional cocktails will be available as drinks. The restaurant will serve lunch, supper, and weekend brunch.

The restaurant’s décor is a vintage New Orleans theme. It will incorporate natural and rich timbers, unique tile work, and antique finishes. There will be a terrace, a bar with 15 seats, and banquette seating.

Executive chef Daniel Berg and Stewart Jarmon are the co-founders of Bill. Jarmon has lived in Austin his entire life and attended St. Edward’s University. Jarmon also received his degree from Mexico City’s Academia de Gastronoma Mexicana. This is Jarmon’s first hospitality endeavor; he is a project manager by profession.

Pedroso’s Pizza

Every Austin culinary influencer is extolling the virtues of this tiny food truck by the Night Owl bar on Burnet Road. The Grandma style is the primary draw here; it is a rectangle pie with a somewhat thick crust similar to focaccia with the sauce on top of the cheese. The Double Pepp N’ Peppers has a hefty portion of cup ‘n’ char pepperoni and a lethal combination of serrano and banana peppers.   Many people adore the New York style, which is offered as both a piece and a whole pie. Under no circumstances forego the caprese salad. This delectable salad of sliced mozzarella and tomatoes is dressed with a wonderfully umami balsamic.

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