Best new bars in Austin

In 2022, many of the best bars and eateries in Austin closed their doors, but many new bars opened up in their place. These are five relative new places in 2023 to enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine, or a crisp beer.


When Spider House Cafe officially closed in January 2022, UT students and Central Austin residents were distraught.  The coffee shop/dive bar served as a home away from home for students. But also people on first dates or just those looking to hang out on the beautiful patio. 

Tweedy’s replaced the popular bar in November 2022. By all accounts it has the same vibe as the previous bar despite a little bit of modernisation.

The establishment offers beer, wine, and cocktails and has a real vintage, rock and roll vibe.  A redesigned but familiar interior will appeal to Spider House fans. Don’t miss the Twisted Tea on tap.

Skinny’s Off Track

Skinny’s Off Track opened on 12th Street in October 2022 near to skee-ball bar Full Circle and DIY dance club Outer Heaven. It is another dive-like bar operated by a who’s who of Austin’s hospitality industry people.

The retro, den-like pub is owned by the same people that run the downtown bar Higher Ground and the distinctly un-DIY disco club Superstition. Charles Ferraro of Hotel Vegas and the Volstead is also a partner, as is former Reina owner Paolo Soriano.

The tableside miniature televisions are a nice touch and offer a private place to enjoy sports with friends without other people getting in the way.

Howard’s Bar & Club

This Clarksville establishment is a hybrid that is half neighborhood tavern, part dance club.

This establishment, which opened on West Sixth Street in October 2022, is a perfect place to unwind with a whiskey from its extensive list on a quiet night. Alternatively it’s also great for beers with friends on one of its wild DJ nights or for live music performances.

The dining options are also in line with the highbrow/lowbrow concept. Hot pretzels and Chicago hot dogs are served alongside chips and caviar.

Rosie’s Wine Bar

Behind Howard’s is Rosie’s, a charming new venue with one of the best wine lists of any bars in Austin focusing on local suppliers and natural wines.

Rosie’s is a less boisterous alternative to Howard’s. Customers can try wines from the growing list as the majority are offered by the glass or the bottle. Expect appetizers like thinly sliced jamón serrano or anchovies with celery and dill. Larger dishes like a black truffle omelet and shaved rib eye with peppers in onion creme are also available.

Wiggle Room

This spot offers west Texas aesthetics and strong Texas drinks in a indoor-outdoor paradise. 

The people behind popular cocktail bars Midnight Cowboy and Drink Well devised the drink menu.  The Zebra Den is a private area inside Wiggle Room, which is furnished with Texas-influenced disco elements.

Due to the restricted availability of walk-ins, the bar advises booking reservations. Private parties may also rent the space.

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